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Quest Settlements can help Los Angeles attorneys and their clients with our structured settlement services.

Receiving money from a legal settlement can feel like a huge win. The sudden influx of funds can give you some financial breathing room — but often only temporarily. Receiving a lump sum settlement can make it easy to spend the money quickly, with it unfortunately running out before you know it. That’s why many claimants and their attorneys in Los Angeles and throughout LA County and Ventura County choose Quest Settlements for quality structured settlements.

Quest Settlements - Los Angeles

Quest Settlements - Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Structured Settlement

Structured settlements are a way to spread out your settlement money in scheduled payments of predetermined amounts. That way, you can rely on a steady stream of money, rather than receiving one large lump sum that you then have to manage. What’s more, your settlement payments will be exempt from state and federal taxation.

Structured settlements are ideal for people who want or need recurring payments that they can use for things such as covering their living expenses, paying for long-term medical care, or supporting their families.

Specifically, you might benefit from a structured settlement if you are:

  • Temporarily or permanently disabled
  • Sick or injured and anticipate ongoing medical expenses
  • A surviving spouse or child in a wrongful death case who could use a boost to your annual income
  • Involved in a guardianship case
  • When you’re looking for structured settlement companies in Los Angeles, look no further than the experienced and knowledgeable team at Quest Settlements. Our dedicated staff has decades of settlement planning experience. We can work with you and your attorney to put the right structured settlement in place to support your particular needs.

Attorney Fee Structures

As an attorney, tax planning can be a nightmare. By deferring a portion of your contingency fee, however, you can gain control of your tax bracket placement. We can help you determine if attorney fee structuring would serve you and if so, we can help you establish a structured settlement that gives you the greatest financial benefit.

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Special Needs Trust in Los Angeles

All too often, money that should improve the quality of life for a person with special needs actually ends up creating problems by making them ineligible for government programs. Establishing a special needs trust, however, can help that person set aside the money for life-enhancing needs (e.g., a personal care attendant, transportation expenses, specialized rehabilitation) while ensuring it doesn’t become a countable resource when qualifying for needs-based programs.

Let’s Talk About Your Client’s Structured Settlement Needs

Medicare Set-Asides in LA County

When you win a settlement in a workers compensation or personal injury case, a certain amount of that money may be required to be set aside to cover medical care. That money will be put into a Medicare Set-aside Account (MSA). Using a structured settlement for your MSA can help you reduce the costs to all involved parties, especially yourself.

Los Angeles Structured Settlement

A standard structured settlement is established after a personal injury case. If, however, you have a non-personal injury case but would still like to receive the benefits that come along with a structured settlement, Quest Settlements can help you establish it through a nonqualified annuity.

If you are an attorney or claimant that would like to pursue structured settlements or take advantage of the other quality services we offer, please contact Quest Settlements in Los Angeles, California, today.

Note: Information is not legal or tax advice. Claimants will need to consult with an attorney or tax advisor on whether installment sale is right for them and how a structure will benefit the most.