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Discover how we can help with structured settlements for worker’s compensation.

If your client is injured at work, it’s likely that their injuries will be covered by workers’ comp. Workers’ comp is a type of insurance that covers a workers wages and medical expenses in the event that he or she becomes injured on the job. 

When negotiations take place, it is not uncommon for the worker to be asked whether they would like payments in the form of a workers’ comp structured settlement. This means that they will get payments over time rather than getting one lump sum. Structured settlements are often used to fund Medicare Set-Aside Trusts which can be approved by the Federal Government to be funded over time. 

Structured settlements can also be ideal because they provide a steady payment stream for the injured worker or for the injured worker’s family if the worker dies. 

At Quest Settlements, we take a closer look at how a workers’ compensation structured settlement works so you know your options if you or your client becomes injured at work. 

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Settlement Solutions

Comprehensive Settlement Solutions

Structured Settlements
Quest Settlements offers expert services for structured settlements, making sure you get your money when you need it.
Attorney Fee Structures
Since 1996, we have helped attorneys to successfully structure their contingency fee payments in order to defer income and associated taxation.
Special Needs
Our experienced settlement consultants work closely with attorneys and their disabled clients to set up special needs trusts.
Medicare Set
Over the years, our settlement consultants have assisted attorneys and their clients with setting up the funding for Medicare Set Asides.
Non-Qualified Annuities
We are a top provider of non-qualified annuities, helping countless attorneys and their clients get set up with the specific structures they need.

Qualified Settlement Agreements
Our settlement consultants have decades of experience helping attorneys and their clients set up Qualified Settlement Funds.
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Introduction to Structured Settlements for Workers’ Compensation

Introduction to Structured Settlements for Workers’ Compensation

Structured settlements are annuity contracts. This means they are payments made at equal intervals. Examples of annuities include monthly mortgage statements, pension payments, regular deposits to banking accounts and so on. 

A workers’ comp structured settlement is basically an ongoing insurance payment made to cover the costs of the injury. Payments may not always be monthly, but they commonly are. Other terms may vary as well. 

After a worker is injured, the company’s worker’s comp insurance provider purchases a contract on the employee’s behalf. The insurance company is generally not responsible for making the workers’ compensation annuity payment. Rather these will be coming from a third-party life insurance company. In other instances, the workers’ comp insurance company will request that one of their associate companies operate as the annuity company. 

A structured settlement may not be made entirely in annuity payments. Sometimes an initial lump sum is paid from the worker’s comp insurance company and annuity payments follow. 

Alternatively, there may be a lump payout covering most expenses with annuities made for the Medicare Set-Aside Trust Fund. The payments will only be used towards the fund. 

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How Does a Structured Settlement Annuity Work for Worker’s Comp?

How Does a Structured Settlement Annuity Work for Worker’s Comp?

There are many terms that can be applied to a worker’s comp structured settlement. Here are a few to be aware of. 

Life for a Period Certain

Life for a Period Certain means payments will be made throughout the injured worker’s life and for a guaranteed period in the event the worker dies. 

So, let’s say the settlement guarantees payment terms for 20 years and/or life. That means that if the injured worker dies in the tenth year of receiving payments, payments will continue for an additional 10 years to cover the 20-year payment period. The payments will go to a beneficiary designated by the worker in the agreement after the death occurs. 

If the worker lives beyond the 20-year payment period, they will continue to receive payments until they die. 

Period Certain

Payments for a period certain mean the annuity payments will only be made for a certain period of time. Once the time is up, the worker will no longer receive payments. 

So, if period certain payments are set for 20 years, that means the worker will continue to receive payments for 20 years. If the worker dies before the 20 years are up, his or her beneficiary will receive payments for the remainder of the payment period. 

Life Only

Life-only payments are payments made for as long as the worker lives. The payments will continue no matter how long the worker lives and will cease after the worker dies. 

Temporary Life

A temporary life payment is contingent on the plaintiff’s life and there is no guarantee as to how long it will last. Payments will expire upon the worker’s death and they may even run out sooner. 


A lock-in occurs after all the parties agree upon the terms of the settlement. It locks in the annuity cost. Although interest rates can make the cost of the annuity fluctuate, the purchase price will be set. 

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Why Workers’ Compensation Clients Should Choose a Structured Settlement

Why Workers’ Compensation Clients Should Choose a Structured Settlement

If your client was injured in a worker’s comp case, he or she may be tempted to opt for a lump sum settlement. However, there are advantages in going the workers’ comp annuity payment route. Here are a few to consider. 

Adjusts with Cost of Living

Many workers’ compensation structured settlements are made with the fluctuating costs of living in mind. Therefore, they may adjust with inflation to better meet the plaintiff’s financial needs. 

Smart Money Management

Many workers who receive lump sum payments will spend the money almost immediately. This can lead to financial problems in the future, especially if they have ongoing medical costs that they didn’t put funds aside to cover. 

When the money comes in annuity payments, it works as supplemental income and keeps people from making bad investments or blowing all their money at once.  

Reduces Taxes

The majority of most structured settlement income is non-taxable. Money paid out for emotional damage will be taxable. However, any settlement for physical injury is tax-free. 

Additionally, when a client gets a lump sum payment, he will need to pay a large tax on the funds all at once. Any taxes incurred from a structured settlement will be dispersed over time making payments more manageable. 

Safe from Market Fluctuations

The market often affects income, but this will not be the case in annuity payments. The money received will not be depleted if the market crashes nor will it inflate if the market does well. This makes for a steady income one can count on.


Structured settlements can be customized to the worker’s needs. The worker can request specific payment amounts and frequencies including periodic lump sum dumps. 

Protected from Divorce and Creditors

If the plaintiff goes through a divorce, the payments made through the workers’ comp structured settlement will not be accessible to his or her ex. It will also not be available to creditors if the worker is in debt. 

Possible Interest

Some annuity payments may acquire interest over time. This will make them worth more than a lump sum payment in the long run.  

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How Quest Can Help

How Quest Can Help

In some cases, a worker’s comp claim can be cut and dry. If your client suffered a minor injury and didn’t miss a lot of work, the claim may be relatively uncomplicated. If an employer acknowledges that the injury happens at work, it’s likely that the claimant will get a settlement without too much difficulty. 

However, in most occasions, the injured party will need to call a lawyer, including under the following circumstances: 

  • The employer denies your claim
  • The employer is not paying on time
  • The settlement does not cover all expenses
  • The injuries keep the injured party from performing the duties of your current position
  • The boss retaliates against the claimant for filing a claim
  • The injuries were due to the employer’s or a third party’s reckless or negligent actions
  • The claimant receives or plans to receive disability benefits

The right lawyer will help victims get the compensation they deserve when complications arise. They can also be helpful in determining whether a worker’s comp structured settlement is right for them. If so, they can work out the terms of a settlement, ensuring it will be best suited to their needs. 

Quest Settlements is a team of employment and litigation lawyers with years of experience in our field. We have been recognized year after year for our outstanding professional excellence and our uncompromising ethical standards. We offer our clients a high level of service and transparency and we are dedicated to getting the people we represent the best possible outcomes. 

If your client was injured at work, he deserves to be fairly compensated. Quest Settlements will see to it that he is covered for your damages and we will help you with a worker’s comp structured settlement that is suited to his needs. Call us to find out how we can take the stress off your shoulders today.