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Discover who Quest Settlements is & how we can help you with our structured settlement services in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Quest Settlements® is a top-rated provider of structured settlements. Our consultants offer the highest quality advisory services and financial products in the industry designed to best serve claimants, including their families, by meeting their unique needs. Our comprehensive services also include attorney fee structures, non-qualified annuities, qualifies settlement agreements, special needs trusts, lien resolutions, and Medicare set-asides.

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Settlement Solutions

Comprehensive Settlement Solutions

Structured Settlements
Quest Settlements offers expert services for structured settlements, making sure you get your money when you need it.
Attorney Fee Structures
Since 1996, we have helped attorneys to successfully structure their contingency fee payments in order to defer income and associated taxation.
Special Needs
Our experienced settlement consultants work closely with attorneys and their disabled clients to set up special needs trusts.
Medicare Set
Over the years, our settlement consultants have assisted attorneys and their clients with setting up the funding for Medicare Set Asides.
Non-Qualified Annuities
We are a top provider of non-qualified annuities, helping countless attorneys and their clients get set up with the specific structures they need.

Qualified Settlement Agreements
Our settlement consultants have decades of experience helping attorneys and their clients set up Qualified Settlement Funds.

We Help Your Clients Achieve Financial Security

Our firm is one of the top structured settlement specialists in the country. Through our various services, we can help your clients find financial freedom. While we are based in Los Angeles and San Diego, Quest Settlements works with lawyers and law firms across the country.

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Quest Settlements is your financial security.