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Medicare Lien Resolution Services

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With settlements for personal injury cases and other cases that involve treatment for physical injuries, it is not uncommon for there to be certain healthcare-related liens that must be addressed. If your client has a lien against him or herself, it is of vital importance that it’s resolved as efficiently as possible and with strict adherence to all associated regulations and guidelines.

At our top structured settlement company, we have close partnerships with exceptional firms that offer effective Medicare lien negotiation services to attorneys not only in Los Angeles County and San Diego County but across the entire United States.

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Settlement Solutions

Comprehensive Settlement Solutions

Structured Settlements
Quest Settlements offers expert services for structured settlements, making sure you get your money when you need it.
Attorney Fee Structures
Since 1996, we have helped attorneys to successfully structure their contingency fee payments in order to defer income and associated taxation.
Special Needs
Our experienced settlement consultants work closely with attorneys and their disabled clients to set up special needs trusts.
Medicare Set
Over the years, our settlement consultants have assisted attorneys and their clients with setting up the funding for Medicare Set Asides.
Non-Qualified Annuities
We are a top provider of non-qualified annuities, helping countless attorneys and their clients get set up with the specific structures they need.

Qualified Settlement Agreements
Our settlement consultants have decades of experience helping attorneys and their clients set up Qualified Settlement Funds.

Introduction to Medicare Lien Resolution Services

When it comes to settlement funds, “primary payer” entities including Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA healthcare providers and military healthcare providers seek reimbursement for medical expenditures made on the settlement recipient’s behalf. If not addressed promptly and in a proper manner, the liens can significantly impede the overall settlement process and lead to increased costs.

Regarding Medicare law, if a beneficiary is involved in a lawsuit, it is required of the no-fault insurance, liability insurance and workers’ compensation to pay for any medical services or equipment before Medicare pays. It is the responsibility of attorneys in addition to their clients to ensure compliance, making every possible effort to communicate with Medicare about any primary payer that might be responsible for the medical expenses for an injured client. 

Medicare is considered a second payer for medical expenses for a beneficiary under circumstances when payment has been made or can be made under a workers’ compensation plan or another type of plan, such as no-fault insurance or a liability or auto insurance policy or plan. This is commonly referred to as the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Program.

In some cases, medical expenses are in dispute and primary insurance fails to pay for services. In these cases, Medicare may act as the primary payer, meaning it is subject to recovery of the expenses based on your client’s award, settlement, or judgement. Medicare will also remain the primary payer if a beneficiary is not covered by any other type of coverage. 

How Will Your Clients Benefit From a Lien Resolution Group?

High dollar medical liens can significantly reduce a client’s settlement and put a damper on your firm’s resources, time, and name. Working with a lien resolution group that involves attorneys and paralegals trained in negotiating liens offers benefits to your clients in addition to your firm. 

Quest Settlements offers comprehensive lien resolution services that also help to maintain a positive, lasting impression on your client about your firm. Clients who are forced to wait months or more to resolve outstanding liens are often frustrated. Poor impressions after a settlement can affect you or your firm while satisfied clients can bring about repeat business and new client referrals.

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Our Private Lien Resolution Program Services

As an attorney, your firm’s reputation is built on your service. Attorneys who focus on personal injury know that providing comprehensive services for Medicare liens and other entities is time consuming and difficult and also comes with significant consequences if the lien resolution process is not meticulously executed. Working with a private lien resolution program helps to reduce risks for you while maintaining your reputation and saving you time.

Resolving liens has become complex, requiring expert work. For many attorneys, it is one of the most frustrating legal experiences to work in. You must figure out many details, including which federal, state and/or private or ERISA healthcare coverage paid for the treatment of your client. Sometimes it is straightforward, and your client comes along with an organized file that has copies of all documentation and medical bills for each payment – but it is not usually that simple. Many clients come with multiple liens linked with their recovery and some do not even know which providers paid for their treatments and lack proper documentation. Counsel is instead left to figure out all these details. 

Yet even if the client has necessary paperwork, there are still many hurdles to hover over. Specific knowledge is required to finalize liens, including a vast understanding of rules and procedures, which are ever-changing. Chances are, you don’t have the time to dig for hours on end to ensure you are in compliance of these requirements, which not only makes the process time consuming but also risky. Another issue many attorneys and law firms face is the lack of time and/or ability to ensure the process is quick. 

Quest Settlements employs a skilled lien management and negotiation team to help you and your client through the throes of lien resolution. Our attorneys review every lien and are experienced in achieving successful results negotiating liens, including Medicare and Medicaid liens. 

Our lien resolution group provides a powerful partner in the process of lien resolution. We do the hard work and obtain lien updates for you and your client and respond to plan status requests in addition to reviewing items for relatedness. You do not have to dig to learn every possible argument for lien resolution and the latest procedures and rules associated with liens. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you and your client through the lien resolution process with confidence and speed.

Other benefits of working with lien resolution companies include:

  • Enabling you to perform core functions as a lawyer. Lien resolution companies take care of the detailed, complicated processes that take away from your core work for your clients. 
  • Offering resources and expertise from lien resolution companies that are specialized in lien resolution services. Private lien resolution experts understand how to work with insurance companies, healthcare providers, Medicare and more and are able to negotiate reductions in claims, saving you from pouring time into the process.
  • Keeping you current on policy changes involving liens. Working with a lien resolution group offers you peace of mind that you are working under the most current policy and rules. 
  • Saving you time during the lien resolution process. 

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Quest Settlements Can Help Resolve Healthcare Liens Quickly

Outsourcing your lien resolution needs to Quest Settlements ensures that your client and your firm avoid any unnecessary delays that are commonly experienced, usually the result of complex and always changing laws regarding subrogation. 

Quest Settlements can help save countless hours of your staff’s time that would ordinarily be used up reaching out to different entitlement programs and companies they are not familiar with in addition to all of the necessary research that must be done. We help save you and your staff time by cutting these steps out. We have extensive experience working with Medicare and Medicaid liens including proprietary processes of communicating and following up with these companies and programs. 

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Effective Healthcare Lien Resolution Services

We understand how time-consuming and complex the lien resolution process can be. This is why we are here to offer attorneys and their clients a private lien resolution program to relieve the hassles associated with this complicated process. We have experience with helping countless attorneys and firms while handling all types of pre and post-settlement lien verification and resolutions with favorable outcomes. 

Our highly experienced partners do an excellent job of helping to get these healthcare liens resolved as quickly and accurately as possible while also protecting the claimant’s settlement funds. Quest Settlements has a professional approach that offers quality assistance and consistent results, lowering your operational costs and leaving a lasting impression on your clients. If you’re an attorney needing Medicare lien resolution services, please contact us online or give us a call toll-free at (877) 832-3005 so you can have peace of mind that your clients needs will be properly negotiated and resolved.