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Quest Settlements can help San Diego attorneys and their clients with our structured settlement services.

The financial settlement from a personal injury case can be life-changing. The money received can have a substantial impact on your quality of life. Even so, preserving and managing the settlement funds can also become consuming or otherwise take over your life.

It’s all too common that people find themselves spending the settlement money far more quickly than anticipated, leaving themselves with financial challenges as the settlement begins to run dry. That is, unless they choose a tax free structured settlement annuity. This is available only to individuals receiving money as a result of a settlement. Claimants and attorneys choose Quest Settlements for their structured settlements in San Diego and throughout San Diego County because of our ample knowledge and extensive experience.

As structured settlement experts, Quest Settlements will work with you and your attorney to help ensure that your settlement money lasts the duration needed. Using a structured settlement gives you the ability to design the distribution of settlement payments across a predetermined schedule.

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Quest Settlements - San Diego

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San Diego Structured Settlement

Payments from a structured settlement are exempt from state and federal taxes. The interest that accrues on the annuity funds is also exempt from being taxed. The interest component combined with the length of the tax-free benefits equate to an overall payout to the injured party which is greater than the initial settlement amount placed into the annuity.

Structured annuities can be designed to meet any type of future need – lifetime payments, ongoing medical needs, retirement planning, education expenses, or other financial concerns. Structured settlements are beneficial in a wide variety of cases and settlement dollar amounts.

Structured settlements are also recommended for claims involving minors. Without a structured annuity, a child is legally entitled to all the funds from a settlement when he or she reaches the age of majority. Structured annuity payments can safeguard against a young person making immature decisions that could quickly deplete the settlement funds. The structure can be designated for college tuition and living expenses and other major life expenses.

One of the most important benefits of a structured settlement is the peace of mind they offer. Regardless of what happens to the stock market, the economy or interest rates, payments from a structure are guaranteed.

Anyone who will receive settlement funds from any type of litigation has the option to establish a structured settlement. At Quest Settlements, we extend our expertise into numerous other areas as well.

Special Needs Trust
in San Diego

While a settlement seems like it should be fantastic news for someone with special needs, it can come with unexpected consequences. Specifically, that settlement money can be counted as a resource, disqualifying the individual from needs-based assistance programs such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.

Establishing a special needs trust (SNT) with that settlement money protects the individual’s eligibility for those programs. The money in a special needs trust is not counted as a resource and can be used for life-enhancing needs, including medical expenses, transportation costs, essential food, computers, a personal care attendant, and more. Every case is different and might require additional research. We are committed to help you and improve your quality of life.

Attorney Fee Deferral Structures

Don’t let the contingency fees from a single case push you into a higher tax bracket. By structuring your attorney fees, you get periodic income payments and only have to pay taxes on those payments when they are received. With a structured settlement, you’re not only deferring your tax liability, but you’re also providing for yourself and your family for years to come.

Let’s Talk About Your Client’s Structured Settlement Needs

Non-Qualified Annuity in San Diego

While structured settlement companies traditionally serve people with settlements from personal injury cases, Quest Settlements Non-Qualified Assignments that allow settlements from a non-personal physical injury to be placed in a structure with guaranteed returns on a tax-deferred basis. As opposed to a standard structure (physical injury) where the payments are received tax-free, taxes are applied to non-qualified structures but paid only in the year received and only on the amount received that year. Allowing the client to grow settlements tax-deferred and avoiding paying taxes on the entire large lump sum immediately. We can help you manage your settlement money and protect your long-term quality of life.

San Diego Medicare Set Asides

In some personal injury cases, a portion of the settlement needs to be directed towards medical care. That money is transferred into a Medicare Set-Aside Account, or MSA. Using a structured settlement annuity. A MSA can make your life easier and ensure you have funds saved for your future medical needs while maintaining your eligibility. Additional evaluation might be required as every case/needs are different.

If you’re a claimant or attorney interested in setting up a structured settlement, don’t hesitate to contact the experts now at Quest Settlements. Se habla Español.