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4 Ways Your Clients Can Benefit from a Settlement Consultant

As an attorney, you work tirelessly to make sure your clients are well-served. But you can’t be an expert in everything, nor should you have to be. When your clients decide to move forward with a structured settlement, it can help them — and you — to involve a settlement consultant.

It’s all too common for parties to assume that a financial advisor is the best person to help them ensure that their settlement provides for their future. While a financial advisor can certainly help here, there are some things an advisor just can’t offer. Here are four benefits your client reaps by working with the structured settlement consultants at Quest Settlements.


1: Support for them

Financial advisors see a broad range of clients. Structured settlement consultants, on the other hand, work exclusively with injured or wronged claimants. With our experience, we’re often better equipped to navigate the emotional distress and issues that often come with a settlement.

With a soft touch, we can help your client see past their current mental state so they can best plan for their future. 


2: Understanding of their claim

As settlement consultants, we are uniquely aware of the need for medical considerations during planning of the settlement structure. We can help your clients best use their settlement to pay for post-injury requirements like home modifications and medications. 

Additionally, we are seasoned experts in helping people structure their settlements so they can still take advantage of need-based government programs. This is particularly helpful for clients whose claim left them unable to work.


3: We specialize in settlements

While a financial advisor can help clients think through their future financial needs, they have to know about a broad variety of financial products. Settlement consultants, on the other hand, focus solely on settlements and directly associated services.

This means that we are immensely knowledgeable about specific settlement products, like the Index-Linked Annuity Payment Adjustment (ILAPA) rider to maximize the funds your clients receive from their settlement. With our specialties, we can help your client maximize access to government benefits and surmount roadblocks like inaccurate lien reports. 


4: We can help connect you to other experts

Financial advisors often work in silos, at most connecting with other advisors in their practice.

Settlement consultants, on the other hand, build a large network. In order to provide our clients with the most effective settlements possible, we often coordinate with individuals and companies who specialize in taxation, estate planning, government benefits, lien resolution, and more.

When your client chooses a settlement consultant, you and your client work with someone whose ultimate goal is to establish the most effective settlement possible for that individual’s unique needs. We are here to help you rest easy, knowing your clients will get precisely what they need from their settlements, including things like access to government benefits and payments structured to help with any medical needs. 


For a free case consultation, or to learn more about how we can assist you and your clients, contact our dedicated team at Quest Settlements today.