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Case Manager and Settlement Consultant

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Francisco Gonzalez is a case manager and settlement consultant at Quest Settlements in our San Diego office.

Before joining Quest Settlements, Francisco retired from law enforcement. After his retirement, he continued his professional career gaining varied experience in real estate sales education, contract negotiations, compliance, and management.

Francisco has developed remote teams in foreign countries such as Mexico, Africa, and Sweden. He was also responsible for training local, state, federal and military personnel through the Mexican Republic. He is experienced in the insurance industry having an extensive investigative background with first party losses, large loss, and injury investigations.

Born in Cuidad Juarez Chihuahua, and raised in Mexico, Francisco is fluent in speaking, reading, and writing proper Spanish. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior from National University, is a certified as a Fraud Claim Law Specialist, from the American Educational Institute. Francisco holds a State of California life insurance license.

Francisco is married, has two adult daughters and two sons. He is a sports fan, enjoys watching F1 racing and soccer with his sons.