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Let Quest Settlements Help You With a Structured Settlement

A structured settlement allows a claimant to receive their winnings from a personal injury, workers’ compensation or wrongful death compensation settlement in a series of payments that are tax-free. 

Structured settlements in Nevada are a great financial planning tool that enables claimants to defer a portion or all of the monies coming from a settlement according to a predetermined payout schedule. 

At Quest Settlements, our settlement designs present a way for claimants to maximize their settlements in order to meet immediate future needs as well as to plan strategically for future goals.

Benefits of a Structured Settlement

Structured settlements can be funded with proceeds of nearly any size and come with many benefits over a lump sum cash payment, including:

  • 100% income tax-free for physical injury and wrongful death cases: Payments for physical injury and wrongful death cases are free from income tax under section 104(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. For cases that are not related to physical injury, income tax payments can be deferred.
  • Guaranteed payments: Payment schedules that are determined result in a steady source of reliable income for a claimant.
  • Guaranteed rate of return: Structured settlements in Nevada entail a locked-in rate of return that is guaranteed, leaving claimants to rest assured knowing that nothing can affect their payments.

Who Is Quest Settlements?

Quest Settlements is the leading provider of Nevada structured settlements, with the highest caliber of settlement planners and solutions in the industry. We deliver knowledgeable guidance with empathy for our claimants and their loved ones, helping them to make the most informed financial decisions while working collaboratively with attorneys in order to streamline the settlement process for the most successful outcomes for each party involved. 

Quest Settlements is not your average settlement company. Our team services Nevada, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Our expert team is not only available for structured settlements, but also special needs trusts, medicare set asides, medicare lien resolution services, workers comp settlements, etc. We know you may be apprehensive about trusting a company with your money but rest assured, you will be in good hands with Quest Settlements. 

How Quest Settlements Can Help You With Your Structured Settlement in Nevada Today

We believe in improving the outcomes of structured settlements for claimants, while looking at each case from a fresh angle. We understand each injured party has unique circumstances and we seek to identify any goals, needs and potential roadblocks early on in the settlement process while striving to help them make the best decisions to ensure lasting financial stability.

Quest also streamlines the process for attorneys, reducing the amount of time spent on the settlement process. Setting up structured settlements is complicated today and many personal injury attorneys are not knowledgeable of the always changing regulations associated with settlements. We strive to help lawyers save time by doing the dirty work so they don’t have to spend countless hours trying to pave the way through the complexities, freeing them up to focus on their clients.

Reach Out to Quest Settlements Today for More Information

Ensuring a settlement is correctly mapped out is the best way to get the most benefits for a plaintiff. The decision to structure a plaintiff’s settlement needs to be made prior to accepting the proceeds. Talk with one of our expert settlement planners today to determine your (or your client’s) options.